Thursday, 4 February 2010

Post-op day 1

Just had my wisdom tooth extracted 1 and half hours ago. Man, it was one horrible experience! It was done under local anesthesia and I could still feel pain as the tooth was being ripped out of the socket. The dentist kept insisting it was only pressure but it was too painful to simply be pressure. And the procedure was supposed to be simple because the tooth was pretty much straight (vertical). I've decided that for the next one, I'm going to go under so that I don't have to deal with that again. I've got stitches too. Seems like several. Once I get to open my mouth more I'll have a peak at how many there are.

Pain level is not bad for now. I can feel my lip and cheek. Tongue is slightly numb. I've had an intramuscular (IM) diclofenac and corticosteroid so that should help the pain and swelling for a while. Although the doctor said there should be none. Allahu 'alim. I do see mild swelling.

My gauze is out. I can't spit or gargle for the first 24 hrs so I've just been swallowing slowly and have had chocolate milk so that I can take my antibiotics. I didn't get much sleep at night so I'm really tired.

Lets hope everything improves from this point onwards. I'll keep updating. :)


Anonymous said...

Peace on you my friend
I hope you are OK
DR sonnet

Tauqeer said...

Hmm doesn't very nice, hope it gets better soon inshAllah.

Anonymous said...

hope you feel better soon... i got put under for mine and that sucked (i didn't react well to that). one day it'll just be a fuzzy memory and insha'allah that day comes soon for ya. heh

Nasreen said...

Thanks for the support guys. :)

Eyes serene - oh, mind telling me what happened? Actually, I've been sedated before so I don't believe there should be an issue. Plus, I expected to have nausea but it was alright as far as I can remember. I just don't want to have it under LA again. Glad there's just one more and so far there aren't any problems but it's more "difficult".

eyes serene said...

I was very disoriented and sick to my stomach for the rest of the day, and just felt like I had the flu for a few days after. Like, actually, a week after. I've never been put under or since, I'm guessing I'm just sensitive to it.

Nasreen said...

Oh, nausea is actually expected after the anesthesia which is why they ask the person to remain on an empty stomach before the procedure. But then again everyone reacts differently. I had anesthesia twice and I dont remember being sick but I was extremely tired which is normal. The first time, I pretty much slept all night and maybe just got up once to have ice cream. I was very young at the time.

muslimah93 said...

Omg! You're scaring meeee! You got stitches for thiss?? You felt it when they were taking it out? Ouchhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Should i not take it out if they rnt that badd? I'm scared now! =(

muslimah93 said...

Btw, i forgot to ask what's gauze? Lol. =)

Nasreen said...

Aww, no, don't feel scared. If you are getting it done under anesthesia, you'll feel a little groggy afterwards and maybe a little nausea but overall it shouldn't be too bad. And you wont feel anything if they give you IV anesthesia. I had local so it was a horrible experience. Although, my mom also had a wisdom tooth removal and she said it was fine for her. Hers was under local as well but a different dr.

Gauze is this: