Monday, 8 February 2010

Post-op 2 & 3

The second day went pretty well. I didn't really have any problems. In the first 24hrs I wasn't supposed to spit so I was wondering how to do wudhu. Just took a little bit of water each time and tried to let it out by simply opening my mouth. And swallowed the rest. Then I tried to keep my wudhu for the rest of the day. I didn't want the clot dislodging and getting a dry socket (a complication of the procedure which results in severe pain). In order to prevent your muscles from stiffening up, you have to keep opening and closing your mouth. It was pretty easy the 2nd day but for some reason it became harder the 3rd day and today. It needs a few tries before I can open my mouth fully. And I feel a little click in my jaw when I do. Hope that smooths out.

I had some mild discomfort yesterday but not much of a problem. I'm on antibiotics so not that worried but it just feels a little weird. I wonder if it's the stitches. I still can't make out how many there are. They look like a clump with maybe a little bit of blood clot there too which I can taste every now and then.

Good thing is fasting is usually pretty easy for me so not eating a lot of food isn't too bad. Day 2 I had ice cream, peach, very small pieces of an apple and at night, cool daal soup since I am not allowed hot things. Day 3, I had muttar paneer, peach, half a banana, raita, yogurt, and biryani. I'm actually enjoying the variety. :P

So, until I have to go back to that dentist and get my stitches removed (which should normally be painless but I don't seem to trust him at all at this point), all iz well. :P


eyes serene said...

Assalamu alaikom,
Glad to hear you are doing okay! Ugh, I'm so glad mine are all gone and it's just a memory... I feel for ya! The soft diet isn't really that bad, like you say, you can get a lot of variety, really! And it's a good excuse for ice cream and pudding. ;)

Nasreen said...

Walaikum as salaam,

Lucky! I still have one more to take out and for some weird reason, the upper ones havent even erupted as yet. I hope they never do. But I'll probably get an X-ray to figure out what they're doing in there.

Actually, from what I read about other people's post-op experience, mine was probably a walk in the park. My worst experience was the procedure itself. For the sutures, I'm actually considering going to a different dentist who will actually care about whether I'm in pain or not. Plus they are in such an odd location, it certainly wont be easy to get them out. He's tied them so tight, there's no way to remove them without tugging at it. God help me. I would never cause my patients pain even if it took me a long time to remove sutures or had to be quicker to cause the patient less pain. When do people (dr.s and dentists) die inside that they stop treating patients like people. <_<

Always treat a person as you would like to be treated.

Nasreen said...

PS: Lucky, mashaAllah (forgot to add that) that you got all out in one go. :) Couldn't have been easy.

Sparky007 said...

Awww you poor thing! I hope you recover completely, Inshallah! And yes, doctors (at least some of them :P) seem to forget we are humans, too!

Nasreen said...

Thanks dear. :)

Anonymous said...

Salam alaikom
Yeah, it would be nice if you don't ever need to get the others out. Here's to hopin'!

Umm Afraz said...

Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmathullahi wa Barakaathuhu.

Alhamdhulillah it went all right. Insha Allah you get better soon.

Just curious, why did you get stitches done when it was just an extraction?

Btw, I am dreading THE day when I will have to get mine removed..worst part is the wisdom tooth is broken, so I am not sure how smooth its gonna go. The only fortunate part (for me) is my dentist is my own personal yeah, the issue of trust needn't be there..but poor hubby..he will have to suffer my tantrums. LOL!

Nasreen said...

Walaikum as salaam,

I'm so sorry for the late reply. Most wisdom teeth extractions are surgical which means they make an incision around the tooth and so we need stitches. Again, according to my dentist, oral maxillofacial surgeon rather, I didn't "need" stitches and he gave them to me anyway to "keep me happy". He said I stressed him out because I told him I was a dr. My mom says, he was worried I'd sue him. lol.

Actually, stitches just align the edges better so your wound heals faster and it depends on your procedure itself. InshaAllah, your husband will be gentle. I think the procedure can be done better quick if the surgeon is experienced. Usually they make an incision in a way that makes it easy to remove the tooth even if it's broken. I think length of the procedure depends on the tooth position as well like if it's embedded into the bone or if it has erupted fully, partially. Try to relax if it'll be under LA. If it's under GA, then even better coz you'll just wake up after. Dizzy/tired but just try to relax and sleep it off. I'm sure your husband will take extra care of you. :D Just follow instructions he give you like not spitting the first day. Gargling with salt water from day 2 onwards, etc. Inshaallah, it'll be fine. Let me know how it went. :)

muslimah93 said...

How many days do you gotta eat soft food?? And what do you mean clot dislodging? Me confused. =/

Nasreen said...

When you have a tooth extracted, the place where the root was will be where a clot forms. In the first 24hrs, the clot can be dislodged so it is important not to gargle too much or spit or suck using a straw. After the first 24hrs, the clot is stable so you can start salt water gargles. Well, I ate soft foods for about 3 or 4 days mixed with solids, just very small pieces. I would just avoid eating on the extraction side. Till the time I had stitches it was fine although I was chewing the ends of my stitches every now and then. lol. After the stitches came out, the gap hadn't closed so rice and other small stuff kept getting caught inside. Removing it was horrible. I would suggest, take a cotton dipped in iodine and just place in that corner of the mouth and then eat on the opposite side so food doesn't get lodged in there because it's very hard to get out.

muslimah93 said...

Why did you get stitches? One of my sisters had extracted all four a few years backk, and she use to take the food out with a syringe, like fill the syringe with water, and put the water in the whole where your teeth was. =)