Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Yep, that's what I have unfortunately. And I've been meaning to get it removed but haven't found the time and it's been bugging me lately. I had a throat infection which I now feel has included my wisdom tooth. And I've already started myself on antibiotics. Only problem is I'm looking for a good dentist but there aren't any in my area. The ones I've known or experienced have been not that great, to be honest. Some even sucked.

The thing about gynecs and dentists, among those that I've come across, are insensitive and don't care about the patients pain. This is terrible because they deal with patients in pain every single day! Anyway, so I'm hunting for a good dentist who is kind, polite (something which I haven't seen in many dentists), and painless (duh!).

In the meantime, you can feast your eyes on what I will undergo to get my impacted wisdom tooth removed:


Tauqeer said...

You shouldn't be watching all these videos...


Nasreen said...

Well, I AM a dr. so I really wanted to know what it'll look like. :P Sorry, if the video scared you. Sometimes knowing how the procedure will be done makes you feel calmer. After watching the video, I felt like the dr. was able to remove the tooth pretty easily and there wasn't a lot of tugging at the tooth and such. I've seriously gone and researched this because I want to know what I should expect. I've spoken to 2 dentists and have got completely different opinions. One made it seem painful & difficult. The other (with more experience) made it seem like it was very simple because he removes 500 wisdom teeth a week. I felt the latter was probably the better choice.
Also, it's important to know that this procedure (surgical excision of wisdom tooth) needs to be done by an oral surgeon rather a regular dentist. The more experience they have with the procedure the better.
My infection seems to have resolved, alhumdulillah. So, I'm probably going to end the course today (just as a precautionary measure). And inshaAllah, hope the procedure is quick and easy and I heal fast. :)
Will keep you all updated. :)

Tauqeer said...

hehe good luck!