Thursday, 31 December 2009

The New Year & Old Memories

A brand new year is starting and I just it's the best time to reflect on the past yr and such and see how we can change for the better as Muslims, as humans (although they should mean the same thing but some of us forget that).

By the way, did you know, there's a blue moon tonight? :D

This year was slightly boring for me but I feel like I made some really good changes, especially towards the end. InshaAllah, I can improve further in the coming 2010 in places I lack and replace everything that I find is negative with something positive. :D

I was remembering old friends who I am no longer in touch with. Not sure what triggered the memory. I had actually tried to get in touch with both of them shortly after the incidents (which were rather small to lose a long friendship over) that drove us apart but didn't get a response. I wonder if they think about how silly that was. Do people ever realize things and are able to overcome their ego and try to patch the relationship that had more positive than the few negatives that caused the split? I can imagine Shaitaan finding it pleasant when good Muslims/friends/family members develop misunderstanding. I wonder if they think about that. Alhumdulillah. I am not really upset about it because from my side, I did try to contact them.

Sometimes, people say a lot of things that a perfect person would do in a perfect world but in most less than perfect situations, we forget our own philosophies and act just as the next inconsiderate person would. Perhaps, to be more self aware should be our new year's resolution. :)

Happy New Year to all!

May Allah (swt) help us to be better Muslims and do more of what is pleasing to Him and what brings us closer to Him. Ameen.


Tauqeer said...

Interesting post and Ameen to all the prayers, yet I do feel that making duas for is more appropriate on 1st Muharram rather than 1st Jan. :)

muslimah93 said...
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