Thursday, 12 November 2009

More Fake Forwards

I've been getting more fake Islamic forwards with fake hadith. The mentioned hadith is not even written in a proper way. I am not sure who writes these up and why people send these around without even trying to find out the truth? Why have we become so passive about false information. Yet, we don't trust what we read in newspapers because everyone is "anti-Muslim". How is a forward any more reliable?

I guess it'll take time for people to change old habits if they really care for the truth. We are trying so hard to remove misconceptions about Islam among non-Muslims yet we continue to spread false information between each other without a second thought. Please think about what you send and try to confirm it's source. And if you realize it's not the truth, please try to educate your friends and family about it so we can put an end to these forwards once and for all. :)