Sunday, 15 November 2009

Catch The Google Wave!

Google has released a beta version of the Google wave which is supposed to be the way email should be used in today's generation/time. I didn't want to sit an watch an hour plus long official video about how the program works. So, instead I found a really short and simple one. I love how they try to explain it. Great for people who aren't really tech savvy. :)

Watch and enjoy!

Only issue is, just like how gmail was available to only a few people initially, google wave has been launched with the same idea. To test the program with a limited number of people and let them invite their friends to test it. Obviously, because you can't test the google wave if you have no one to work with. The invites are going real fast so if you can get someone to send you one, grab it. Strangely enough, people were buying invites on e-bay! Again the issue is, once you get an invite, you may not be able to invite anyone else so you have to know people who already have it to be able to use it with them. So, one can either hold off on using it and let the people who really need it try it first. Or you can grab an invite and and wait till google allows you to invite your friends & co-workers.

And if you have an invite to spare, invite me as well. :D


laura w said...

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Nasreen said...

Thanks for dropping by and sharing the site Laura. It sounds great. :D