Monday, 21 February 2011

Paris Hilton did NOT convert to Islam

The (fake) news of Paris Hilton converting has now gone viral. The sad thing is so many Muslims think this is real. The only news websites that have this are satire ones. No legit newspaper has printed reports of this and the only thing people are discussing are how Christians are glad to be rid of Paris and how Muslims are terrorists. Another excuse for people to write about how terrible we are. It's a little annoying.

I think Muslims should be a little smart about it and avoid these discussions or at least arguments. They end up no where because most of the people online hating on Muslims don't really care for an explanation. At best, we can link websites which explain to non-Muslims what Islam is really about. Those who care will do their reading from proper sources.


Asma said...

May Allah guide her to the straight path.

Masha Allah you make a very good point. We should be VERY weary when getting information from the internet; it can be such a shady source. It's kind of a shame that people actually believed this.

Nasreen said...


Indeed. The internet can be extremely useful but because anyone can post anything in the name of news, it requires us to confirm what we are reading.

Thanks for dropping by. :)