Sunday, 10 October 2010

Back In Action & Recurring Dreams

As salaam walaikum all,

I know I've been on a huge blogging break. I had been extremely busy for a while now after which I needed a break. Did a bit of travelling and relaxing. Alhumdulillah. But I am back.

Recently, I had a dream about an amusement part which I believe I've dreamt about several times. In fact, the dream was so familiar that I actually felt that I had been to such a park. But in reality, the more I thought about it, the more I began to realize that I've never been to such a place. But I felt as if I had collected memories of several places and formed a unique place that came to me in my dream. I love amusement parks and I've been to several places in different parts of the world. Just a few of the things I recall is this water ride. It was a huge slide with turns and twists and you sit down and are eventually thrown into the water but somehow people were floating over the water which flowed like a stream around the steps leading up to the slide. The interesting thing was no one was actually getting wet except for a little bit. Everyone was normally dressed. In another part of this park were some rides similar to the octopus where I thought I could sit and try myself off.
Please note that I have never actually been to the above waterpark. It's the closest image I could find to what I had seen in my dream.

In earlier parts of the dream I saw myself driving along a coast line. It was a really beautiful sight. Huge waves hitting the rocks. Apparently I had driven off to a different part of the country where a cousin lives.

Above is a place in new zealand. This was similar to what I had seen in my dream.

In reality cousin lives in a different place. The city I was in isn't as beautiful as I had dreamt. Nor is there such a coast line. This part of the dream was new but the previous part was as though I have seen the park several times before.

Have you ever experienced any recurring dreams or dreams that made you feel as if you've been to certain places but in reality never have. Or anything that felt so real, even after you awaken, you feel unable to recover from what you have seen.


Falaxy said...

i used to have a recurring dream that i was out and realized i had left my shoes at home!!

PS. it's "Assalam u Alaikum", not assalam Walaikum,... in arabic alaikum means "upon you", so peace be upon you : )

Tauqeer said...

I used to have recurring nightmares!

Nasreen said...

Falaxy - thank you for the correction. :) Interesting dream by the way. Did you ever wake up and start checking your feet?

Tauqeer - good thing you said "used to". Those are the worst kind.

As a child, I used to also have recurring dreams as if I was a part of a cartoon. I'd even see credits rolling at the end of the dream!