Sunday, 11 April 2010

Computers, Birds and Working Towards the Straight Path

Here's what's been happening. I've had major computer problems so I have been trying really hard to get that fixed. Plus, I've had so many things on my mind lately, I've had no time whatsoever to even think about blogging. I apologize for that.

Regarding my wisdom tooth, alhumdulillah, it seems to be healing well. Initially a lot of food was getting stuck in there but the hole seems to have become more shallow now although I haven't looked at it all that carefully but I don't feel like things are piling up. So, that's good. But there's definitely still a hole.

I still am getting birds. I had started getting a different pair of bulbuls. These ones have white cheeks and a yellow bottom. And guess what? They had twins! MashaAllah. The babies are totally cute! They are greyish brown and slightly smaller than their parents. Slightly bigger than a sparrow. They've become quite friendly and don't run away when they see me. Last week they were begging their parents to feed them and this week, they come to my balcony and start tweeting. I open the door and throw crushed biscuits and they gobble it up. They come really close. About a foot away from me. MashaAllah.

Other than that, I've been trying to make some positive changes in my life such as:
1. Try to pray tahajjud regularly. I can't wake up to pray it so it's a good thing, it's okay to stay and pray it and sleep. Although, that's pretty exhausting as well.
2. Reciting Surah Kahaf every Friday.

InshaAllah, I'll post details on that


Tauqeer said...


muslimah93 said...

Inshallah ima get my wisdom teeth extracted too! Did you take all four of them out? Andd, how did it goo? Did it hurt? Btw, how's the surah mulk everynight goingg? Xo. =)

Tauqeer said...

and what was the Surah Mulk about ? *-)

Nasreen said...

muslimah93 - I've only got one out. The upper ones don't seem to have come out as yet. I have to get one from the other side in my lower jaw removed as well but I won't be doing it right now. Maybe in the summer instead.

As for Surah Mulk, I had stopped because I got extremely busy unfortunately but inshaAllah, I'll try to pick it up again.

Tauqeer - a while back I was trying to read it at night but I couldn't make it a habit unfortunately.