Monday, 26 October 2009

This Made Me Smile - part 3

It's been almost 9 months or so since I started to keep food for the birds in my balcony. I've had a wonderful variety of birds coming to eat. Although, it's mostly pigeons, I'm also getting sparrows, doves, mynas, a crow (never knew they were in the area!), and a couple of BulBuls. I realized early on that they were a pair and mashaAllah they are really pretty birds even though they are not so colourful. Probably the most distinguishing feature about them is their red bottom!

However, this is not what made me smile. For a few days, I hadn't heard or seen the Bulbul pair come to my balcony and I felt bad because I wasn't sure where else they might be finding food. However, I was pleasantly alerted to their presence by their sweet voice. As I peaked through my balcony door, I saw a baby along with them! It was bigger than a sparrow and had a funny tweet but cute nonetheless. MashaAllah! I really wished to take a family picture but I didn't want to scare them on their baby's first trip. I'm absolutely delighted. :D


Tauqeer said...

hehe nice! but take picture!

Anonymous said...

ALsalam alikum
Fantastic phto

Nasreen said...

Walaikum as salaam Tauqeer,

I don't think I could take one of the Bulbul family but I'll certainly try. However, I did find out where it lives and I discovered there are loads of Bulbuls here. I was really pleasantly surprised! So, I got a few pics of them. Will share them soon inshaAllah. :D Thanks for visiting.

Walaikum as salaam Sonnet,
That wasn't taken by me. It's one of the better pics I found online. But I do have my own pics which I can share now. Although not of the ones that visit me because if I open the door they fly away real fast. :( Plus, they have no fixed time for visiting. Sometimes it's 6:30am, sometimes 7:30, other times at 10 or even in the afternoon. If I'm lucky I hear it. :)