Thursday, 13 August 2009

Catch-up News

Apparently Paris Hilton had visited Dubai and I understand this was way back in June but I still found it interesting to see she was trying to study UAE’s culture to make sure you doesn’t offend anyone. She was coming for the shooting of her show “My New BFF” where she’s trying to find a Best Friend in Dubai. I found it a strange pick because the Arab culture vs the Hollywood/LA culture is so far apart. My guess is the only things the girls in UAE would have in common with Paris are shopping since that’s one thing Dubai is pretty well known for. Other than that, I got to see a few of her pics in a traditional Arab dress and I should say, she looks much more beautiful in modest dressing and all covered up rather than the skimpy clothes she usually dons. Whoever has designed the dress did one hell of a job!

Don't you agree? :D

Next is Michael Jackson. Was he murdered, was it suicide, was it accidental overdose? Apparently no one is sure. Atleast, not the sources I’ve read. He was temporarily laid to rest at Los Angeles’ Forest Lawn Memorial Park. No word whether it will continue to be his final resting ground. No word on him dying a Muslim. It’s now between him and Allah. We should leave it at that.

Hopefully I didn’t leave out anything. :D


Jaz said...

Paris really suits it!! She looks so pretty it goes well with her colouring.

You're right about Michael Jackson, I personally believe every theory I hear about him (he's still alive, he's a ghost, he's time travelling through the last 50 years, he was murdered) but none of us where there and none of us know what happened.

Nice blog by the way :)

Nasreen said...

lol @ he's a ghost. I can understand what it meant to the Muslim world if he was a Muslim but finally it's not important because if Allah means to guide someone to Islam He will, irrespective of whether a famous person was Muslim or not. :)

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