Saturday, 27 June 2009

Random Rant/Advice # 1

I've noticed these things happening so many times that I decided I need to blog about it and hopefully people reading it will think about it and make changes if they do it too.

1. Dads who cross the road while dragging along their 3 - 5 yr old kid across the road.
Come on! A dad can lift their kid in their arms for 2 mins while crossing the road, right? So why dont they? Are they that lazy? It's really not safe if he falls down on the road. Nor is the fact that these dads pull them up by their arms in order to get them to climb up the road divider in a hurry. You can cause a dislocated shoulder for God's sake! There is no excuse for a man not to pick up his kids in his arms while crossing the road, especially if you are NOT using a proper crossing.

2. People who cross from in front or the back of the car.
I find it unbelievable that so many people don't know how to safely cross a road. The worst is people crossing roads from points of u-turn when most drivers would be looking at the opposite direction for on coming traffic. These people tend to cross from in front of the car in such a way that if the car moves even an inch forward, they'd get hit. These, mind you, are NOT pedestrian crossings. Yet, people feed the desire to choose these dangerous places to cross. I wonder if they are slightly suicidal as I've heard of a few cases where people purposely jumped in front of a car to avoid whatever stresses they have in their lives. Unfortunately, if it wasn't enough that they cross in front of cars when the cars are moving forwards, these people also cross from behind cars when a car is reversing. Fortunately, most people reverse pretty carefully and slowly but why do these people get the urge to see if they can cross from behind a car without getting hit. I wonder if it would take a broken leg for them to see, it's not worth it.

However, I feel, the government needs to take steps to make safer crossing zones for people especially in heavily populated areas so people stop risking their lives and the lives or their family members in the process.

3. Selfish parkers
Basically, these people do not know how to park and apparently the diving lines mean nothing to them. They usually take the parking of 2 cars and this can be extremely annoying when you are in a place with more cars than parking spots. Usually when I see such cars, I have a strong desire to stick some sort of a huge note on their windsheild about their stupidity/ignorance/selfishness.

So, please, have some consideration for others.