Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Ignorance Is Bliss?

I was watching this Asian drama on tv and some of the things I heard on the show made me laugh like hell at it's absurdity. A man had a head injury and was rushed to the hospital. The dr. informs the family members that he has lost a lot of blood (typical tv drama issue) and needs an immediate blood transfusion. Most doctors would be able to catch the fact that you can't have a huge amount of blood collecting in the cranial cavity (skull) due to the lack of space. The second thing the dr. proceeds to mention that the patient's blood group is AB positive and they do not have that blood group in the hospital and cannot accept any other blood type! :P Most high school grads know that AB positive is a universal recipient blood type! You can give them any blood type! And to my shock he goes on to refuse to accept O negative blood type which is the universal donor! People with this blood type can donate to every single blood type! I feel bad for the Asian audience listening to this nonsense. The least they can do is get such basic facts right and educate the poor public.


belal1 said...

as salamu alaikum,

I guess I can somewhat relate. Being a computer geek, I sometimes catch these same type of fallacies on t.v shows. I remember watching old american movies that was so ridiculous, I just had to laugh. One particular one was that movie "hackers" which was so stupid that I kept asking myself "would people ACTUALLY believe this is possible?" But I guess that's easy to pull off when the general public is ignorant on such issues. So they just end up going along with it, as if these fallacies are legitimate.


As salamu alaikum

Nasreen said...

Walaikum as salaam,

Wow, I never thought about that! But I wouldn't expect it from English movies. I tend to expect it more from Asian ones coz it's more about the emotional drama.

I remember my friend telling me that she went to a movie with her friends (all dr.s) and they kept commenting on the medical issues shown in the movie. lol. I think they irritated the audience a bit with their debate.

Another time, I was watching a movie with my family and there was a scene where this girl was locked inside the car in a car park and she didn't know what she do. She was struggling to get the doors open for several mins while the actor was looking for her in the car park. I got so annoyed I just burst out saying, "Press the horn! The horn!!!" and I heard a few people in the audience laugh. :P

Indefinable said...


I had to laugh at this post. Masha'Allah.

Keep it up ukhtee. Very entertaining yet informative : )