Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Resolution 2 - Dua

For the month of Feb, my plan was to make dua after every salah. The reasoning for this is, it is well known among Muslims that Dua is the weapon of a believer. And I remember once upon a time telling people to make dua whenever they can. But for some reason, it was never my habit to sit and make dua regularly. So I decided that in order to make it easier for me to build up to making dua after all prayers, I'll start by making dua in sajdah for at least 3 prayers in a day. And that worked much better than forcing myself to make dua after every prayer because sometimes I'm just too jumpy and have so much on my mind about what all I have to do, I don't sit down to make dua or simply forget. *blush*

It was a bad habit which is why it is my second resolution. It's past the mid month mark and although Feb is shorter than other months, it's already working. I decided that if I'm going to be making dua I should try to make it in the best way. So the 2 main things I've implemented are making dua in sajdah and starting by praising Allah followed by making dua for our Prophet (pbuh).

From Sahih Bukhari:
Abu Huraira reported: The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: The nearest a servant comes to his Lord is when he is prostrating himself, so make supplication (in this state). (Book #004, Hadith #0979)

Narrated Faddalah ibn Ubayd (RA): that the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: 'When anyone of you makes du'a, let him start by glorifying his Lord and praising Him, then let him send blessings upon the Prophet (SAW), then let him pray for whatever he wants'
[abu Dawud #1481, at-Tirmidhi #3477]

In another hadith; Baqiy ibn Mukhallid (RA) narrated that that the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: 'Every du'a is not responded to until one sends blessings upon the Prophet (SAW)' [al-Bayhaqi]

In another hadith; Umar (RA) narrated that the Prophet (SAW) said: 'Du'a is detained between the heavens and the earth and no part of it is taken up until you send blessings upon your Prophet (SAW)' [at-Tirmidhi #486]

I've also begun making dua after the azaan. InshaAllah, I'll be updating next month on how much of a habit I've developed and how successful I've been in making duas after every salah.


muslimah93 said...

Heyyyy!! That's actually a very good idea! Working on one resolution each month so with practice and consistency it gets easier to add something else the next month. I should do that! Instead of jumping high, and then falling very hard. Start slowly but surely, and then slowly add more! Awesome! Reminds me of this hadith: "The most beloved deeds to Allah are the continuous ones, even if they are small." (Bukhari and Muslim) Btwwww, i extracteddd my wisdom teeth! Do you have an email address i can contact you on?? =)

Nasreen said...

I'm glad you like the idea and thanks for sharing that lovely & inspiring hadith. :D Do join in. Congrats on getting your wisdom tooth extracted! How did it go? And you can contact me at anytime. :)